November 2007 (Special hardware+software offer with CTS)
October 2007 (Voyager 4.0 almost ready, Web site changes, ChartData specials)
August 2007 (Voyager 3.67, Trial Versions, Flying to OSH [Part II: The Flights])
July 2007 (Flying to OSH [Part 1: Planning], Using Google Earth)
June 2007 (Voyager 3.6, Fuel Prices, Google Earth)
February 2007 (Vista, Personal Air Vehicles)
January 2007 (Voyager 3.5, Voyager + iPod offer)
June 2006 (Mac Voyager, Data Update, Beta Testers, Not NavData winner)
May 2006 (FreeFlight, NavData Contest)
April 2006 (Premier Issue)