The following screenshots briefly illustrate the different screens that SmartPlates offers and how simple keeping your plates current can be when you use technology the right way.

Plate Pack Window | Plate Pack Wizard | Information | Printing | Customizing the Chart

With one mouse-click SmartPlates prints not only the relevant plates but a rich set of documents that improve your situational awareness when you need it the most -- when you're making that last second airport change.  And it's easy to customize.  Here, we have all the options selected, Chart, Airport Information, and, of course, Procedures and Diagrams.  You can turn these on or off individually.

See an example procedure.  It's in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

As shown here with the Procedures and Diagrams section, you can select from a wide variety of options within each print item to print exactly and ONLY the information you want to take with you.

For example, SmartPlates can print a list of airports and procedures as well as the procedures themselves.  You can also categorize airports as takeoff, landing, fuel stop, alternate and other so that, when printed, the plates are in the order you're likely to need them.  It's even possible to skip printing Other airports when the Plate Pack is based on a flight plan (that is, print the plates you're likely to really need and keep the rest, the Other category, on your laptop only).  Finally, you can save time and paper by printing only those plates that haven't been printed recently.

Seeing is believing so click here (PDF format, 500 KB) to see what you get when you print a Plate Pack.

In addition to the plates themselves, SmartPlates can also increase your situational awareness by showing you, on a Chart, which airports are part of the printed package.  SmartPlates prints both one large Summary Chart with all the selected airports and a series of Charts that show zoomed-in views.

Want to save trees (and time)?  Use the Print Preview feature to ensure that you're getting exactly what you need.  When you're satisfied, click the printer icon and get a hardcopy.