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Never Pay for Plates Again!

SmartPlates for desktop/laptop/Tablet PC: $149
SmartPlates for the Pocket PC add-on: $49

When you purchase SmartPlates, procedures and diagrams are always kept current (and legal) automatically through your Internet connection.  For free.  Forever.

Purchasing SmartPlates gives you unlimited, forever use of the current version of the application for your desktop, laptop or Tablet PC.  In fact, our licensing allows a single purchase to be installed on up to three desktop, laptop or tablets.

SmartPlates for the Pocket PC is an add-on for the desktop version that works with your Pocket PC/Windows Mobile PDA (HP iPaq, Dell Axim, etc.) and a memory card (required).  It's a separate purchase and requires a license for the desktop version.  It may be installed on up to three devices.

As we add features to SmartPlates, we'll introduce new versions of SmartPlates.  These will be available for a small upgrade fee.