The following screenshots briefly illustrate the different screens that Voyager offers and how simple flight planning can be when you use technology the right way.

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Voyager makes getting and interpreting the weather easy even fun!

First, while you're working on the rest of the flight plan, Voyager is downloading up-to-date weather in the background so it will be ready when you need it.  No waiting.

Second, Voyager's exclusive weather graphics make interpreting the weather very easy.  For example, on the screen above you clearly see the satellite image and radar images overlaid along the route (from Seattle from San Francisco).  The clouds, as seen by the satellites, are shown in varying shades of grey.  The precipitation, as seen by NexRad radar, is shown in greens, yellows and reds.

Altitude and Time Sliders

And, if you look closely along the route (or look at the screenshot below), you'll see green, yellow and red dots.  The green dots mean VFR conditions, red are IFR.  You'll also see wind arrows.  As you zoom-in, the wind arrows show exact speed in knots, at the altitude selected by the Altitude Slider to the left of the Chart (at 9000 feet in the upper picture, 3000 in the lower).  Determining the best altitude, given the winds, is as easy as moving a slider!

Of course, weather depends on time so Voyager has another exclusive feature dynamic, predictive weather that we call SmartWeather.  On the Time Slider below the Chart, you'll see two green areas representing our flight time (the gap is an hour refueling layover).  To see how the weather is expected to change during the flight, move the selector along the bar.  Or even click the green Play button to animate!


In SmartPlan's Profile view, the Profile includes valuable weather information.  White bars represent cloud layers.  Solid bars are Overcast, dashed are Broken and dots are Scattered.  Just move the mouse over a cloud to see the description, altitude, reporting station and relevant time.

The black lines represent airways and their MEAs.

Airport Weather

Want more detail on a particular place?  Just click and you'll see up-to-the-minute translated METARs, TAFs and Winds Aloft.  Of course, you can also see the original coded text if you like.   If conditions on either the METAR or TAF are expected to be worse than VFR, Voyager uses yellow and red highlights to warn you. 

DUAT Briefing

Need even more weather detail?  Simply click the Wx button on the toolbar and SmartPlan shows the full and legal DUATS briefing in an easy-to-navigate format.  You can even select which sections you want printed when the plan is printed so you don't waste more time and paper than necessary.

Weather Graphics

Really like weather graphics?  Voyager can display more than 400 of them from both the United States and Canada.

Winds Aloft

Want a wider view on the winds?  All Winds Aloft data from the US, including AK and HI, and Canada is at your fingertips, all the way up to FL530.