The following screenshots briefly illustrate the different screens that SmartPlan offers and how simple flight planning can be when you use technology the right way.

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SmartFuel Fuel Prices
Voyager uses fuel prices in a number of innovative ways that save you enough to pay for the whole system in just a few flights.

A ChartData subscription is required to download fuel prices.  Fuel prices are supplied through a partnership with

Prices On the Charts

By default, any airport with known fuel prices will display the lowest price next to the ident.  The system automatically displays either AvGas (100LL) or JetA prices, depending on the type of fuel your aircraft uses.  There is also a new large button on the top of the main window called "Fuel Prices."  Click it and Voyager switches to a theme that shows almost nothing except airports that have fuel and the associated prices.  You can, of course, disable the display of fuel prices by selecting Customize Chart from the Chart menu, selecting Airports and unchecking the Show fuel prices box.

Autoroute by Lowest Fuel Price

Voyager's autorouter now takes fuel prices into account when selecting stops.  Moreover, Voyager takes the additional fuel used to fly to cheap fuel airports into account when determining which airport is best.  That is, it doesn't necessarily find the lowest fuel price, per se, it finds the best way to lower your total fuel cost.  You can tell Voyager to only stop at airports with known fuel prices or stop at any airport that the AF/D says has fuel while giving preferences to airports with known fuel prices (or tell Voyager to ignore fuel prices all together, of course).  When you see the Routing Options page of the New Flight Plan wizard, click the Options button next to Add fuel stops to select how to use fuel prices.  When the routing is done, Voyager shows you how much you saved by choosing the lowest fuel option.

Within the Airport Information Dialog Box

When you show information for any airport, if it has fuel prices, you'll see it on the main Overview tab.  The price is blue and underlined (that is, hyperlinked) so click it so see the price of fuel at airports in the general vicinity (see below).

For Nearby Airports

For any airport, click the fuel price and you'll see a list of nearby airports and the prices of 100LL and JetA, as well as information about approaches and weather.  Click any column header to sort and double-click any airport to see more info about that airport.  Or click Print to use in-flight.

In GlassView's Nearest Widget

The list of nearby airports has a new column.  Depending on whether your aircraft takes 100LL or JetA, you'll see either a 100LL or JetA column with the associated price.

In GlassView's Airport Info Widget

In the Airport Info Widget.  When you click on any airport, there is now a Fuel display area that has the lowest price of fuel at that airport.  Click to see prices at nearby airports as above or use the Nearest widget.

In Printouts

When you print general info about an airport, a new section, called Nearby Fuel Prices, shows the lowest prices at nearby airports, essentially the same as the Nearby list above.

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