The Most Advanced Flight Planners Available!
What's new in version 3.0?

Welcome to 21st century flight planning with the most modern and easiest to use flight planners.

Voyager SmartPlan Premier and Express are the most modern, easiest to use flight planners on the market at any price.  Powerful features like the true 3D wind-optimized SmartRouter?, high-performance aircraft modeling, integrated satellite and radar overlays and seamless Internet connectivity get you from planning to flying in record time.


Voyager's SmartPlan is the only flight planner available that recommends a different route each time you plan based on the weather and winds aloft specific to your departure time, destination, and the aircraft you fly.   Only the true 3D wind-optimizing SmartRouter can take you on a different path every time and save you time and fuel costs. 


The smart step-up from free flight planners.  Ideal for occasional flying.

The most advanced flight planner made. 
For high-performance, IFR or frequent flying

The essential tools you need for planning safe flights:

  • Free hourly TFR updates

  • Basic weather: SmartWeather graphical depiction of National Weather Service reports: METARs/TAFs and Winds Aloft

  • Premium weather with Annual Subscription: Radar and Satellite overlays and ultra-fast Winds Aloft downloads

  • Full DUATS area and route briefings with local and FDC NOTAMs and PIREPs

  • Extensive printed trip kits, kneeboard or full page

  • Data kept current automatically in the background through your Internet connection
  • Sectional and enroute IFR charts and data
  • Airport and runway info, elevation, nav and comm frequencies (requires Annual Subscription to remain current)
  • SmartRouter - true 3-D, wind optimized autorouting that minimizes time not distance
  • File and print FAA flight plans
  • Licensed for installation on three PCs (e.g. home computer, work computer, laptop or Tablet PC).
  • One month of Update Subscription service as described below

Same as Express, plus the following added features:

  • Profiling for high-performance piston, turbo, turbine and jet aircraft, for all weights and temperatures

  • Profile view shows flight over terrain, airspace, airway MEAs and cloud layers

  • Autorouting for best time or best economy
  • SIDs and STARs integrated into autorouting
  • All US IFR instrument Procedures and airport diagrams, always kept current for free
  • Extensive FBO information with AOPA membership
  • ICAO or FAA flight plans filed electronically
  • File flight plans by leg or as a complete flight
  • Totally customizable printing and Chart views
  • Export to the Garmin handhelds 296, 295, 196, etc.
  • Export to the Lowrance AirMap 500/1000/2000c
  • Export to Anywhere Map
  • Export to Microsoft Flight Simulator.  Fly the route virtually before you go, with real time weather!


Voyager Update Subscription
We strongly recommend this subscription service for safe flight planning.  It provides you with three valuable services for a full year:

Monthly navigational data updates

  • US (incl. AK and HI), Canadian and Mexican navigational databases revised by the FAA and DoD (DAFIF) every 28 days.  This includes airspace, airport information, airways, navaids, etc.
  • Downloaded automatically from the Internet

Premium weather

  • Time-synchronized Radar and Satellite images overlaid on your flight plan

  • Fast Winds Aloft downloads (we process the raw data for 10x faster downloads)

New product versions

  • Updates, including all fixes and new features, to the Voyager application itself

  • Downloaded automatically from the Internet