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So Advanced it's Simple!

With more than 200 new features and improvements, Voyager 2.5 is the powerful successor to the popular Voyager 2.0 Flight Planner.  Whether you fly a 172 or a Citation, a version of Voyager now has the features you need for safe, accurate flight planning.

denotes a feature available in Voyager Premier only.

What's New?

Support for High-Performance Pistons, Turbo-Props and Jets

  • Model performance at varying altitudes, outside temperatures and weights
  • Model multiple fuel tanks per aircraft with different capacities and burn/fill order for each tank
  • SmartRouter works in either "Best time" or "Best economy" mode
  • Added Max Ramp/Takeoff/Landing/Zero Fuel weights
  • Added Run-up Fuel Burn
  • Airport selection, for fuel stops, etc., now allows selections based on ILS and specific types of Procedures
  • Plan with expected SIDs/STARs
  • Support for Minimum Cruise Altitude
  • Print/electronically file ICAO flight plans
  • Ability to print/electronically file each leg of a multi-leg plan separately

Better Weather

  • Radar overlays (included as part of the optional annual data/program subscription)
  • Satellite overlays (included as part of the optional annual data/program subscription)
  • Hundreds of Canadian weather graphics
  • Added specialized graphics for Hawaii and Alaska
  • Winds Aloft added for FL450 and 530 altitudes
  • Canadian and Hawaiian Winds Aloft added
  • Ultra-fast Winds Aloft downloads

Better Charts

  • VOR navaids now get a higher-priority than NDBs so very close navaids show the most important ones first
  • More accurate state boundaries
  • Urban areas shown in yellow
  • Off-airway waypoints now turn on/off independently of airways
  • More lakes and rivers added
  • New NSA airspace (previously the permanent TFRs) shown.  Can also be avoided in the SmartRouter.
  • Fast Draw (or any other Theme) can now be used as the default when a plan opens.
  • The Profile view can be suppressed when a plan opens and only shown when requested.

Better Printing

  • New customizable cover page for company logos, etc.
  • Customizable margins for three and five ring binders
  • Printed charts include matching Profile
  • New Weather Log printout has hourly expected weather in an easy-to-read text format
  • Flight plan route more clearly shown, esp. on black and white printers
  • The Winds Aloft area of the DUATS print now in fixed-pitch font
  • Improved NavLog now shows lat/long and distance/bearing from VOR for each waypoint

Better GPS support

  • Export directly, via USB, to the Garmin 296.  Also supports COM 1-8.
  • Export to the Lowrance AirMap 500/1000/2000c
  • AnywhereMap support has new "Ignore AnywhereMap database" switch for routes that use airports/waypoints not in the AnywhereMap database

Faster, More Flexible Planning

  • Ability to split a flight plan into multiple plans for multi-day flights
  • Ability to print/electronically file each leg of a multi-leg plan separately
  • Ability to customize the New Flight Plan Wizard to skip steps
  • SmartRouter works in either "Best time" or "Best economy" mode
  • Full support for adding SIDs and STARs to a plan
  • Profile view automatically synchronizes as you scroll
  • Now comes pre-loaded with more than 160 aircraft
  • Full support for Layovers at fuel stops
  • More manual edits allowed in the FAA and ICAO Flight Plan forms
  • Simplified offline planning
  • Faster chart scrolling
  • On-screen NavLog can now show Distance/Time Since Last Stop and Cumulative Distance/Time for easier fuel planning
  • Location-type icons added to the on-screen NavLog
  • For VFR flights on airways, SmartRouter no longer forces a flight to the nearest NavAid (like IFR mode)