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DTC DUAT and Seattle Avionics Introduce New Flight Planner

New DUAT Voyager is a powerful, 100% free flight planner that doesn’t infringe on any patents

December 24, 2010. Seattle, WA.  DTC DUAT and Seattle Avionics, Inc., announce new DUAT Voyager, a 100% free flight planner that makes it quick and easy to plan flights, obtain weather briefings, and file flight plans. While it downloads weather and TFR information from the Internet, it is not an Internet-based flight planner, and is not subject to the recently publicized FlightPrep patent.

Pilots can immediately download new DUAT Voyager, free of charge, or find more information from:

“The aviation community is on-fire with news and rumors about FlightPrep’s patent on Internet-based flight planning. Seattle Avionics has received many calls and emails asking if we’re subject to the patent.  As we don’t make an Internet-based flight planner, we’re clearly not subject to it and have not received any letter from FlightPrep,” says Steve Podradchik, CEO of Seattle Avionics.  “But with so many pilots concerned, we wanted to offer all pilots a free flight planning alternative that is clear of all patent issues.  By teaming with DTC DUAT (, we can offer outstanding weather and flight planning services and an excellent alternative to FlightPrep’s Golden Eagle.”

DUAT Voyager is a streamlined version of the full Voyager Flight Software system that retains many of the award-winning features of the full Voyager product but is faster and even easier to use.  These features include both Victor and GPS Direct autorouting, a profile view that shows your flight over terrain, automatic background weather downloads, various weather overlays including NexRad radar and altitude-sensitive cloud tops (satellite images), full DUAT briefings, automatic TFR download and overlay, kneeboard printouts, electronic flight plan filing, and much more.  Users can use Voyager’s unique WebSynch feature to instantly transfer flight plans between multiple computers.  Flight plans can be exported to Google Earth for realistic, 3D flight previews.

 “New DUAT Voyager, created in conjunction with Seattle Avionics, is built from the powerful Voyager Flight Software System that consistently wins Best Flight Planner from Aviation Consumer,” says William Young, Program Manager at DTC DUAT.  “With DUAT Voyager, you get a 100% free product that is both powerful and easy to use.”

Founded in 2002, Seattle Avionics develops cutting-edge PC aviation software, ChartDatatm aviation data, and the popular SkyPad2 complete EFB solution.  The company’s Voyager Flight Software System is a consistent winner of Aviation Consumer’s award for Best Flight Planner.  Seattle Avionics provides state-of-the-art US and European aviation ChartData to many major aviation companies including Aspen Avionics, Honeywell (Bendix/King), and the leading iPad applications.  The company is working on a range of aviation software and data products designed to make general aviation flying easier, safer, more fun, and more affordable.

DTC is one of two vendors under contract to the FAA to provide the Direct User Access Terminal (DUAT) Service.  DTC is an FAA certified weather briefing and flight planning provider that has been in continuous operation since the program’s inception in 1989. 

Voyager™ and Voyager Flight Software System™ are trademarks of Seattle Avionics, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

For more information about Seattle Avionics Software, please contact John Rutter, President, at (425) 806-0249 or  Visit Seattle Avionics on the Web at

For additional information about DTC DUAT, please contact Doug Priestley at (800) 243-3828 or  Our web site can be accessed at