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Voyager SkyPad
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New SkyPad3 - $995

SkyPad3 Slate
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There are several tablet computers that come with the charts, plates, and software you need for flying.  So how do you choose?  We suggest that it fundamentally comes down to price, quality, and performance.  The new SkyPad3 takes everything we've learned from the SkyPad1 and SkyPad2 to make the the no-compromise solution you've been waiting for.  It's the only EFB that's perfect for both cockpit and general-purpose computing use.

Looking at an iPad?  Curious how the SkyPad compares to it?  Read the comparison.

  • Fact: An EFB is only as good as the data in it.  The SkyPad3 is the only aviation tablet PC that comes with FAA-certified ChartData.  This is essentially the same data that Seattle Avionics produces and delivers to the Aspen Evolution line of certified MFDs.  The FAA certification process is an exhaustive test of our adherence to extremely strict quality assurance guidelines.  Only SA and Jeppesen have ever achieved this.  We also provide data for the Bendix/King AV8OR ACE and Handheld, many iPad applications, and even produce European ChartData.
  • Fact: Aviation Consumer gave our Voyager Flight Software System (included in every SkyPad), the #1 Flight Planning award in 2010.
  • Fact: Everything is less expensive with the SkyPad3: initial purchase, annual updates, even daily flying because of our wind-optimized and fuel-priced optimized flight planning.

  SkyPad3 FlightPrep ChartBook-S Garmin Aera 560
Initial Cost $995 $1295 $2,199
Annual Updates - VFR + IFR Charts and Plates, All 50 States $299 $515 Greater than $1000
High-performance dual-core CPU New Old single core CPU  
High-performance ATI video chip for responsive graphics New Low performance Intel chip  
Solid-state drive standard New Yes  
Removable keyboard for laptop or slate mode New    
Long-life battery New
3.5 hours
1.5 hours  
FAA approved for Part 91 (Class I and II EFB) Yes Yes  
Aviation Consumer #1 Rated Flight Planning Software Yes    
Updates included in initial price 3 months None 1 year
Alaskan Charts and Plates Yes  Extra charge   
Caribbean Charts (incl. most of Mexico) Yes    
Pacific Charts Yes    
FAA Certified-Quality Geo-Referenced Approach Plates / Airport Diagrams Certified Plates and Airport Diagrams Non-certified Plates and Diagrams Non-Certified Airport Diagrams only
Seamless geo-referenced IFR LO and HI Charts for all 50 states Yes Extra charge  
Seamless geo-referenced Sectionals for all 50 states Yes Extra charge  
Multi-touch Windows 7 Tablet PC including a keyboard so can run MS Office, etc. Yes Yes  
Flight-optimized version of Windows 7 including the SkyPad Controller Yes    
Internet Access (email, weather, etc.) WiFi / Ethernet WiFi / Ethernet  
3D Highway in the Sky Yes Yes  
Screen size 10.1 inch 10.1 inch 4.3 inch
Screen resolution 1280 x 800 1024 x 600  
Size  10.5" x 7.5" x 0.5" 10.3" x 6.6" x 0.72"  
Weight  2.0 lbs 2.6 lbs  
Weather Free from the Internet (XM optional) Free from the Internet (XM optional) $55/month with XM subscription
TAWS (terrain avoidance) Yes Yes Yes
Automatic data updates Yes, 100% automatic No, manual, piecemeal downloads No, manual download from the Web
Award-winning wind-optimized flight planning Yes    
Automatic fuel-stop planning using actual fuel prices downloaded daily Yes    

What's Included?

  • The Voyager SkyPad3 tablet computer with 2 GB of RAM.  Click for technical details.
  • Windows 7 Home Premium, customized by Seattle Avionics for in-flight use.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • 48 GB of solid-state storage standard (32 GB internal SSD + 16 GB SD card included)
  • Wireless (Bluetooth) WAAS-enabled GPS receiver.  More info...
  • Professionally installed Voyager SmartPlan Premier, SmartPlates and GlassView.  Everything you need for pre-flight and in-flight use.  Watch a video of the software in action.
  • A three month EFB-level ChartData subscription.  More info...
  • One year warranty.

Plus, since it's a powerful Windows 7 computer that includes a snap-on keyboard, your investment in a device isn't limited to just cockpit use.  You can:

SkyPad Portrait
  • Send and receive email with Outlook using a real (not on-screen) keyboard
  • Browse the Web at full speed (built-in Wi-Fi) using your choice of Web browser
  • Create and edit documents with Word or Google Docs
  • Do customer presentations with PowerPoint.  Even connect a projector or monitor to the built-in VGA connector
  • Run any other Windows application
  • Plug devices into the 2 USB ports
  • Add a wireless Bluetooth keyboard or an inexpensive USB keyboard
  • Expand storage or work with your digital camera using the SD/HC card slot


Other questions?  More pictures? See our extensive list of commonly asked questions.