The following screenshots briefly illustrate the different screens that SmartPlates offers and how simple keeping your plates current can be when you use technology the right way.

Plate Pack WindowPlate Pack Wizard | Information | Printing | Customizing the Chart

SmartPlates makes getting to the important information fast and easy.  Click an airport on the Chart or enter its ident (or name or closest city) and SmartPlates shows you the most important flight information in one convenient screen - runway diagram with markers for right-pattern approaches, a detailed airport diagram downloaded from the FAA, Comm and Nav frequencies, etc.


Want more information about a navaid?  If anything is blue and underlined, it behaves just like a Web page so just click the navaid (above) and see very detailed information.  Not only does SmartPlates show the frequency but also any airways on which the navaid lies and the MEA to the adjacent waypoints.


Of course, you always have the full and legal set of approach, departure and arrival procedures available.


How about clearly seeing where overlapping layers of airspace begin and end.  Just click anywhere on the Chart and SmartPlates diagrams the information.  Want even more detail (like full text for all TFRs)?  Just click the blue-underlined text.