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Bendix/King AV8OR ACEâ„¢

Bendix/King AV8OR ACE

This flight bag is already packed


AV8OR Info  Already have an AV8OR ACE?  Click here for a free update to your plates and charts.


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The exciting new Bendix/King AV8OR ACE is a a true paperless, full electronic flight bag. Its smaller, lightweight design includes airborne navigation, all FAA charts, airport diagrams, weather, traffic, automotive and multimedia capabilities. With its geo-reference charts and larger, easy-to-use touchscreen, you can clearly see your position as you stay on course.

In addition, the AV8OR ACE goes far beyond other handheld GPS units because it features the same IFR Low Altitude, High Altitude, and geo-referenced Approach Plates that we use in Voyager.  That means you see your plane flying over the true FAA charts, not a computer-generated map.  It also means that, as you fly an approach, you see your position superimposed right on the approach plate.


The AV8OR ACE comes pre-loaded with charts and plates for all 50 US states and includes one free data update to make sure you begin with current data.  A year's subscription to the IFR charts and plates is provided directly from Seattle Avionics and is available for $399 per year or as a one-time update.


Seattle Avionics Exclusive Bundles

The AV8OR ACE is an exciting product and we're proud to provide the IFR plates and charts for it.  We're also excited to sell the AV8OR ACE so we sweeten the deal by offering exclusive bundles that give you generous discounts on the AV8OR ACE combined with our award-winning Voyager Flight Software (for your preflight planning) and discounts on ChartData subscriptions.

SRP Seattle Avionics
$2199 $1799 The Bendix/King AV8OR ACE device with the Americas database SD card.  No ChartData subscription or Voyager software. Buy Now
$2648 $1899 As above plus Voyager (SmartPlan Premier and SmartPlates) and a 12 month Voyager IFR ChartData subscription.  ChartData for the AV8OR ACE not included. Buy Now
$3047 $2198 As above plus 12 months of AV8OR ACE ChartData. Buy Now



  • Bright, sunlight readable 7" touchscreen display
  • Touch-and-See map information
  • Touch-and-Drag map panning
  • Smart-Profile altitude display
  • Real-time satellite weather (optional)
  • In-flight traffic display (optional)
  • FAA IFR Enroute Charts, Approach Plates and Airport Diagrams with Own-Ship position
  • FAA SID/STAR Charts
  • Built-in automotive database (optional)
  • Multimedia player (music, movies & more)
  • Bluetooth® cell phone/GPS interface
  • PDF Viewer
  • Includes yoke mount, AC and DC (aircraft voltage) adapter, and carrying case.