Seattle Avionics Software, Inc. and Hilton Software LLC
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Voyager Flight Software System and WingX now work together

SEATTLE, December 22, 2005 – Seattle Avionics Software, Inc. and Hilton Software LLC announce that flight plans can be shared between Seattle Avionics’ Voyager Flight Software System 3.0 and Hilton Software’s WingX Pocket PC application.

Dr. Goldstein, Hilton Software’s CEO said: "We’re very excited to offer our joint customers the ability to create flight plans with Voyager’s SmartPlan Premier flight planning module and effortlessly transfer them to WingX on the Pocket PC for in-cockpit use. Once on WingX, users can use WingX’s Dynamic Flight Navigator™ to step through each leg of the flight of the Voyager wind-optimized flight plan. We are delighted to enable pilots to plan their cross-country flights on Voyager and then fly that flight plan using WingX.”

Gabriel Scherzer, SVP of Business Development at Seattle Avionics, said “Voyager, running on a Tablet PC, is a tremendous leap forward for in-cockpit situational awareness and safety. WingX is a perfect in-cockpit solution for Pocket PC users. With WingX, users can carry information about all US airports (AF/D), perform vital in-flight calculations and more—all on a small Pocket PC. We’re very excited to support this great product.”

New Voyager 3.0 is the first and only integrated flight software system, comprised of individual software modules that work together to cover all aspects of flying: pre-flight planning, in-flight moving map/situational awareness, IFR procedure management, and more.  Customers choose the modules which fit their needs and they integrate together into one seamless application. Modules may be added individually or in any combination as needs change. In addition to the new WingX support, Voyager 3.0 can export flight plans to most Garmin and Lowrance handheld GPS units, Anywhere Map from Control Vision, and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Voyager runs on most desktop PCs, laptops and tablets running Windows XP. Seattle Avionics Software also just announced a turn-key EFB solution that combines Voyager with a Motion Computing LE 1600 or LS 800 Tablet PC, a Pharos Bluetooth GPS and an XM WX satellite weather receiver. Please visit for more information on these innovative products.

WingX is the market-leading Pocket PC application that incorporates a powerful Weight and Balance module with over 450 pre-defined aircraft models, a Route Planning module, full access to A/FD information, a complete set of General Aviation FARs, instructor endorsements, and much more. WingX’s database includes all US airports, navaids, fixes, and intersections, and can be quickly updated wirelessly. With this latest release, Hilton Software has added color-coded weather to WingX.

WingX runs on practically all Pocket PCs, Pocket PC Phone Editions, and Mobile 5.0 devices. Hilton Software recently announced an out-the-box solution called the WingX Pro Solution that includes a new wireless Pocket PC with WingX Pro Edition pre-installed. Please visit for additional details and product options on the WingX product line.

Voyager™ and WingX™ for the Pocket PC are both available now from and, respectively.

Founded in 2002, Seattle Avionics Software, Inc. is a developer of cutting-edge PC and PDA-based aviation software for general and business aviation pilots. The company is working on a range of avionics software products designed to make general and business aviation flying easier, safer, more fun and affordable.

Founded in 2003, Hilton Software LLC is a market-leader of Pocket PC-based aviation software for general aviation, commercial, and military pilots. The company is expanding its line of successful products to make aviation safer through the use of technological advancement.

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