AV8OR Handheld ChartData
Seattle Avionics Software is pleased to provide geo-referenced airport diagrams for Bendix/King AV8OR Handheld customers. This is the full set of airport diagrams that the FAA (AeroNav Services) produces and currently includes about 700 airports (generally Class B, C and D airports).

Important note: Bendix/King has just released Version 2.0 of the AV8OR Handheld software. The geo-referenced airport diagrams require this new software. Therefore, the Seattle Avionics Data Manager utility that downloads and installs this data will also automatically update your AV8OR Handheld software. Click to read about the changes in the AV8OR Handheld software.

Annual subscriptions are available for just $49 (US). Purchase now.

Once a subscription is purchased, data is downloaded automatically to your PC via our Data Manager then transfered to your AV8OR Handheld.

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