2005 -- Year-in-Review: The 10 Best Products And Programs Of The Year (Part Two)

Mon, 02 Jan '06

Seattle Avionics Voyager Flight Software System

Version 3.0 is a recent, major, update to a very talented piece of aero-software engineering, encompassing a number of distinct modules: GlassView, SmartPlan, SmartPlates, SatelliteWX and NavData.

Seattle Avionics says that Voyager is the first integrated flight software system, comprised of individual software modules that work together to cover all aspects of flying: pre-flight planning, in-flight situational awareness, IFR procedure management, and more. One need only choose the modules which fit your mission and let them integrate without fuss to do the job you set before it.

At ANN HQ, this is the most used piece of aero-software we own (with the exception of our 'Debbie Does DFW' DVD...). It does just about everything, it does it well, it doesn't crash (even on RAM limited laptops), and it works great on the road -- or in the air. What this does for flight planning is phenomenal... turning a time-consuming and oft-annoying chore into a simple, fast, and easy job that can literally be done on the fly.

The GlassView module combines mapping, situational awareness, and Voyager's many data functions to produce an enroute, real-time nav tool. With a nav input, you can view current position, terrain elevation, flight data, weather, and a lot more... use the Wind Optimizer, and you can easily pick an optimal altitude and cheat the FBO come refuel time.

The SmartPlan module is a highly accomplished flight planner... it is easy to use and available in both a deluxe (Premier) version as well as a slightly stripped down (but still very useful) version (Express). SmartPlates is a mind blower... it is a compendium of ALL US NACO Plates, and so long as you hook up to the net on a regular basis, the plates stay current. Remember how much "fun" it was to update your Jepp books... and how much you dreaded the little envelope from Jepp? Dread no more -- its all electronic... just print out what you need, when you need it, in UPDATED, current form. I LOVE THIS. By the way, a PocketPC version of SmartPlates is also available. 
SatelliteWX is a wonderful module... offering you Real-time weather for flight-planning, or inflight use in your cockpit, so long as you are WxWorx equipped. Seattle Avionics' Navdata module is a full electronic chart suite, automatically updated every 28 days.
The entire program does it all... seamlessly, cost-effectively and backed up by a company that is getting rave reviews for customer support. Add it all up and you can easily see why the Voyager Flight Software System makes the cut as one of ANN's selections as a Product of The Year.