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pingBuddy 2
2 Channel ADS-B Receiver
pingBuddy 2

Smallest, Lightest ADS-B Receiver on Earth.
At the Smallest, Lighest Price on Earth.

pingBuddy from uAvionix is the world's smallest and lightest Wi-Fi ADS-B receiver.  It's an astonishingly tiny dual-channel ADS-B In receiver with an integrated gimbal mount at an incredible price.  Simply power pingBuddy 2, connect your iPad to its wireless network, fire-up FlyQ EFB and get weather and traffic on your iPad!

Key Features

  • Dual-channel ADS-B In on both 978 MHz (UAT) and 1090 MHz
  • Receives traffic (including ADS-R / TIS-B) and weather (FIS-B) information
  • Dual antennas optimized for each ADS-B frequency
  • Integrated gimbal suction cup mounting system
  • Revolutionary ADS-B in a USB flash drive-sized package
  • 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) interface, AP mode
  • Integrates with most popular apps
  • Low power consumption and micro form factor
  • Integrated and protected antennas
  • Includes uAvionix's exclusive Ping silicon for long battery life and high performance
  • Flexible power options with Micro-USB port
  • Connector option to program uAvionix Ping navigation devices and transceivers
  • US Patents Pending
  • Size: 3.7 x 1.1 x 0.9 inches (94 x 28 x 23mm)
  • Weight: Less than 1/2 an ounce (12 grams)

FAA-Provided ADS-B Weather and Traffic in the Cockpit
Introduced more than a decade ago by the FAA, ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) provides weather and traffic information to all aircraft equipped with an ADS-B receiver, such as the pingBuddy 2, subscription-free. The extremely portable pingBuddy 2 receiver provides ADS-B weather and traffic to FlyQ EFB (sold separately) for display on an iPad.

Read the FlyQ EFB ADS-B Primer for more information

The pingBuddy 2 provides the following ADS-B In services: Flight Information Service-Broadcast (FIS-B). FIS-B provides regional and continental NEXRAD radar imagery from the National Weather Service, as well as NOTAMs, METARs, TAFs, PIREPs, winds aloft and other valuable in-flight weather services. FIS-B also includes information on temporary flight restrictions (TFR) and special use airspaces (SUA). *

The pingBuddy 2 also receives traffic information on the 978 (ground to air) frequency for local traffic coverage and 1090 (air to air) for the widest possible coverage area. FlyQ EFB displays this traffic using intuitive colors that signify threat levels, future-position lines so you can understand where the targets will be in 2 minutes, and an optional filtering system to remove targets that pose no threat so you can focus on ones that might.

Uses Your Current GPS
The pingBuddy 2 uses the GPS built-into your iPad (cellular-enabled iPads only) or a Bluetooth GPS such as the Dual XGPS 150/160, Bad Elf, or Garmin GLO.

Dual Channel = Safer
ADS-B traffic is broadcast from ground stations on 978 Mhz and from air-to-air on 1090 Mhz. The pingBuddy 2 is a dual channel system that receives traffic from both channels, giving you a more complete traffic picture.

Powered by USB So No Dead Batteries!
The pingBuddy is powered from any 5v USB power source, such as the USB power adapter you already have in your plane. USB cable included. Never run out of battery power!

Innovative Mounting Gimbal
The best place for an ADS-B receiver is where it has a good view of the sky - like your windscreen. The small size means it doesn't obscure your view and the unique, integrated suction-cup gimbal means it's a snap to mount.

Set Up is a Breeze
It takes less than a minute to connect the pingBuddy 2 to your iPad: Just connect the iPad to the Wi-Fi network that the pingBuddy 2 creates and launch FlyQ EFB.

Buy Now.  Just $149.99
* New product. Back ordered for approximately 2 weeks.