The following screenshots briefly illustrate the different screens that SmartPlan offers and how simple flight planning can be when you use technology the right way.

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Synch Methods

Most of us have more than one computer that we routinely use.  Perhaps a work machine, a home machine and laptop or Tablet PC.

Voyager has several ways to make working with multiple computers easy.

Web Synch

Our unique Web Synch feature automatically synchronizes flight plans, pilot/plane profiles and your personal settings between machines by using a secure portion of our Web server.  With a simple click, Voyager compares the files it sees on your hard drive to the ones stored on our Web server and exchanges files as necessary to make sure you always have the latest version.  For example, you can plan a flight during some down-time at work, click Web Synch, and, when you get home, click Web Synch on your home computer and the new flight plan magically appears.

Memory Card Synch

Similarly, many pilots like to keep a Tablet PC or laptop in the plane at all times.  This machine never connects to the Internet so how does it get monthly data updates, new procedures, etc?  With our new Memory Card Synch feature, you use a machine connected to the Internet to get the new data then simply click a button to copy the new information to a memory card (like an SD card) or USB memory stick.   Then you put the memory card into the aircraft's computer, fire up Voyager and you're good to go.  Voyager detects the data on the memory card and runs directly off it so you don't waste time copying data to the internal hard drive.  And, in many cases, the system runs faster than if using the computer's internal hard drive.