The following screenshots briefly illustrate the different screens that SmartPlan offers and how simple flight planning can be when you use technology the right way.

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Google Earth/GPS/Other Tools  

In the past few years, there have been many exciting innovations in computer graphics.  One of the most exciting is Google Earth, a free software application from Google that shows satellite images of anywhere in the world.  Now Voyager can export flight plans to Google Earth in a way that lets you do a virtual fly-through of your flight complete with 3D satellite images.

Click the image below to begin a virtual fly-through.

Export to GPS

One of SmartPlan Premier's most important features is painfully apparent to anyone who uses a GPS.  Namely, it's tedious at best, dangerously error-prone at worst, to hand-enter a route into a GPS.  With Voyager Premier, click one button and the flight plan is instantly sent to your favorite handheld Garmin or Lowrance GPS (including new units like the Garmin 496 and the Lowrance 2000c).  If you prefer using a PDA, you an also export the plan directly to Anywhere Map SmartPlan even helps if you "fly" Microsoft Flight Simulator when the weather is bad or to practice IFR.  (SmartPlan Express only supports Flight Simulator export.)

File Flight Plans Via DUAT / DUATS

When all is ready, filing the flight plan with the FAA via DUAT or DUATS is literally one click away.  Print DUAT'S reply and take it with you in the plane.  Even hand-edit many of the fields to fine-tune for your needs (the fields with a white background).  Notice, by the way, that SmartPlan creates a Route of flight along Victor and Jet airways just like you would; it doesn't list every waypoint along the way as other programs do. 

With SmartPlan Premier, you can file and print individual legs for long flights.  With SmartPlan Express, you can still file and print flight plans that represent the entire flight.

Using SmartPlan Premier, you can also file ICAO flight plan via DUAT or DUATS.

Flight Calculator

Long for the days of doing hand calculations but would rather avoid the actual math?  SmartPlan Premier includes a comprehensive E6B-like Flight Calculator.