Seattle Avionics Introduces New SmartPlates? Software at  Oshkosh AirVenture 2004

 Now pilots never have to pay for current instrument procedures again.  SmartPlates updates and manages Arrival, Departure, and Approach Plates, Minimums, and Airport Diagrams.

Oshkosh, WI ? July 27th, 2004 - Seattle Avionics, Inc., the general aviation software company, today announced the release of SmartPlates Procedure Management Software.    Building on its successful Voyager Flight Planning Software, SmartPlates uses the latest hybrid Internet software technology enabling general aviation pilots to more quickly and easily manage their IFR procedures.  SmartPlates customers will never have to pay for current plates again!  The company is offering free 10-day full product trials for visitors to its Website at .

SmartPlates is available now.  Product features include:

  • Special, limited-time $99.00 introductory price; $50 off the list price of $149.00.
  • Owners never have to pay for any instrument procedures again.  No on-going annual subscription fees or per use costs.
  • Ultimately convenient and easy to use.  There?s no postage to pay for or CD?s to install because SmartPlates constantly monitors and updates all plates in the background through your Internet connection.  Never think about it again!
  • All 12,000+ Arrival (STARs/APs), Departure (SIDs/DPs), and Approach Procedures, IFR Take-off Minimums, and Airport Diagrams are available to be stored and managed on the pilot?s PC or tablet, always ready to be printed or viewed, and always current.   
  • Selection, sorting, and instrument file management is done automatically on the PC, so no more endless paper shuffling and sorting.
  • Procedures are automatically kept up-to-date, and each carries a time stamp of valid dates so, even when printed, you can easily confirm you have the latest, most current plate.
  • Plates are crisp digital images, with your choice of sources.  Either use original PDF file format direct from the FAA?s website, or pick Seattle Avionics server for condensed files which can be downloaded and managed even more quickly as needed.  These plates are in a specially compressed PDF format so that they download 5 to10X faster.
  • An optional SmartPlates for PDAs allows downloading procedures for in-cockpit use on a PocketPC.

According to John Rutter, Senior Vice-President of Seattle Avionics, ?IFR pilots have traditionally had to pay over a hundred dollars a year for paper procedure plates or over five times that for electronic.  In addition, 28-day updated plates are mailed on a CD or DVD that you have to re-install every month!  The only affordable alternative, FAA/NACO plates have been available for years, but until recently they lacked many features like colored terrain and missed approach graphic icons.  The new NACO plates available through SmartPlates are colored with new graphics and features.   SmartPlates also introduces a level of convenience that has not been available with any other instrument plates, no matter the brand.  And we top it off with no on-going charges.  For only $99, every IFR pilot should have SmartPlates.?

For additional information about Seattle Avionics new SmartPlates, please contact Robert Hamilton, 425-455-2209, .

Founded in 2002, Seattle Avionics, Inc. is a developer of cutting-edge PC and PDA-based aviation software for general aviation pilots.  The company is working on a range of avionics software products designed to make general aviation flying easier, safer, more fun and affordable.


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