New Voyager? 4.0:  All-New Real-Time Charting Engine, plus Geo-Referenced Scanned Sectionals and IFR Charts

 Seattle Avionics Software today announces Voyager Flight Software System? version 4.0, merging a completely new, real-time DirectX charting engine with version 3.6?s fuel stop auto-routing, Google Earth? integration and over 50 other new features.  

AOPA Expo, Hartford, CT - Seattle Avionics Software, Inc., the innovative aviation software company, today announced, and will demonstrate at AOPA Expo, Voyager Flight Software System version 4.0.  Voyager 4.0 features a completely re-written charting engine based on the same DirectX technology that Google Earth and Microsoft Flight Simulator? use.  Voyager?s all-new charting engine is effectively real-time, capable of updating the screen more than 50 times a second, depending on hardware.   This allows smooth, real-time zooms and pans ? the first general aviation software offering this state-of-the-art technology.

Significantly, Voyager 4.0 can also display any combination of digital vector data and geo-referenced scanned Sectionals and IFR charts.  This means that pilots can plan and fly using geo-referenced Sectionals or IFR enroute charts with overlaid weather, TFRs and aircraft position.  Voyager 4.0 seamlessly merges all Sectionals and IFR charts so pilots need not select particular charts to display; they simply pick the type of chart to display and Voyager does the rest.

?This version of Voyager has been in the works for nearly two years and we?re ecstatic to be demonstrating it today,? said Steve Podradchik, CEO of Seattle Avionics Software.  ?Over the years, pilots have said they loved Voyager?s features but wanted it to be faster.  We listened and rewrote the charting engine from the ground up, the difference being like night and day.  Importantly, rather than write a fast but strictly 2D charting engine, we opted to spend the time and resources to use the very latest high-speed 3D graphics technology to lay the foundation for future versions of Voyager.?

Voyager 4.0 also incorporates a new color scheme that works well in both daylight and night flights and the more than 50 enhancements included in the recently released  Voyager 3.6 such as:

  • Current AvGas and Jet-A fuel prices integrated into the autorouter so that it automatically minimizes total fuel costs based on prices updated daily.  Voyager also displays fuel prices on charts and in many places while using GlassView.
  • Export flight plans to Google Earth for virtual, 3D fly-throughs over actual three-dimensional satellite photos.
  • Integrated Google Maps? lets Voyager show actual satellite images of each airport that can be zoomed in and out.
  • Memory Card Synch feature makes it easy to put Voyager data on a memory card to transfer to another computer.

Another recently added feature customers have been applauding is Voyager?s exclusive Web Synch? that performs ?one-click? data synchronization among multiple computers for all pilot-specific information such as flight plans, aircraft and pilots profiles through the Internet and the ability to print flight plans to PDF files.

Pilots can get a personal demonstration of new Voyager 4.0 at AOPA Expo, Booth #214.  The company always offers self-running demos, free Live Demo Webinars, and a free version of Voyager called FreeFlight, for visitors to its Website at .

Note to editors:  High-resolution screenshots available upon request.

Founded in 2002, Seattle Avionics Software is a developer of cutting-edge PC aviation software for general and business aviation pilots.  The company?s Voyager Flight Software System is a winner of Product of the Year from Aero-News and Aviation Consumer recently labeled Voyager as ?Easily the top choice? among flight planners.  The company is working on a range of aviation software products designed to make general aviation flying easier, safer, more fun, and affordable.

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