Seattle Avionics Software Announces Official Sponsorship of ?The Eagle Flight? in Support of The EAA Young Eagles Program.

 Jared Aicher, Pilot for The Eagle Flight, Chooses Voyager Flight Planner from Seattle Avionics Software as the Official Software for his round-the-world attempt.

 Seattle, WA ? May 27, 2005?Seattle Avionics Software, Inc., the innovative aviation software company, announced today that it?s flagship product, Voyager Flight Planner, has been selected as the official flight planner for Jared Aicher?s round-the-world project called The Eagle Flight.  Voyager?s unique ability to determine the optimal route for a flight, taking winds aloft into account prior to planning, is one of its many innovative features not available in any other GA flight planner.   When combined with its intuitive, easy-to-use interface and ?SmartWeather? technology, it was an ?easy choice for the job? according to Aicher.  

?Many children's dreams of flight are never realized due to the high costs of operating an aircraft or a lack of local resources to spark an interest in aviation,? says Aicher. The goal of The Eagle Flight is to help children around the world realize their dreams of flight, get them into the cockpit, and register each one as an EAA Young Eagle member.

The Eagle Flight Project was founded by Jared Aicher, along with an international team of experts from Canada in early 2004 with a goal to register over 400 young aviation enthusiasts from around the world with the Experimental Aircraft Association's (EAA)Young Eagles Program. The Young Eagles Program, led by actor Harrison Ford, was developed by the EAA to spark an interest in aviation among the planet's youth and keep it alive. To date, pilots from around the world have donated their time, money, and aircraft to launch over one million children into the air, through this program.

Jared?s dream of sharing flying with 400 young people is supported by such industry leaders as Dick and Burt Rutan, of SpaceShipOne and Scaled Composite, Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic Airways, as well as governmental state official.

Along his journey Jared will be handing out full version copies of Voyager Flight Planner to each of the 400 young eagles he?ll be flying compliments of Seattle Avionics Software.  Jared will autograph the special edition copy, which will open a pre-built flight plan of ?The Eagle Flight? path around the country enabling all the Young Eagles to be able to study his route on their computers at home and even check ?live? weather along the way.   

?Seattle Avionics? Voyager is flight planning software that is out of this world?, says Eagle Flight Pilot Jared Aicher.   ?Not only does the software help plan our route, but it automatically downloads the most current NOAA weather information to determine the best altitudes based on wind speeds while taking terrain along the entire route into account.  All this happens automatically through the convenience of your PC?s existing internet connection.? 

A downloadable full version of Voyager Flight Planner is available Free to anyone as a ten day trial from Seattle Avionics Software?s website at:   You can also learn more about Seattle Avionics line of innovative software tools for pilots or more about The Eagle Flight from the SA Software home page, or

For additional information about Seattle Avionics Software, the new Voyager Premier, Express, or SmartPlates, please contact Robert Hamilton, V.P. Marketing, 425-455-2209, .

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