October 14th, 2005

Affordable New EFB Solution is “Ready to Fly”, Powered by the New Voyager Flight Software System 3.0, Pre-installed on Motion Computing LS-800 and LE-1600 Tablet Tablet PCs.

All the hardware and software needed for every phase of flight: pre-flight planning, enroute moving map, approach plates, in-cockpit “live” XM Weather, and more.

Seattle, WA – October 31st, 2005 - Seattle Avionics Software today announced immediate commercial availability of its new Voyager Flight Software System EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) bundle. The Voyager EFB includes the pilot’s choice of either a Motion Computing LS-800 or LE-1600 tablet PC, pre-installed, configured and tested with all Five Voyager Flight Software System 3.0 modules, an XM WX Bluetooth receiver and antenna, and a Pharos Bluetooth GPS receiver. The LS-800 version Voyager EFB bundle will be available at AOPA Expo for the introductory price of $3995, or the LE-1600 bundle for $4199, both complete with “special edition” laptop bag to carry it all home in.

“Most pilots tell us they want to go paperless, sooner rather than later, but are not interested in sinking tens of thousands of dollars into an installed avionics stack which may be outdated in only a year or two”, says John Rutter, President of Seattle Avionics Software. “Over the past 18 months, many of our customers have researched, picked and purchased the Motion Computing tablets as their affordable, digital, portable solution for the cockpit. After doing our own research, we agree with our customers. The Motion Computing tablets featuring the ViewAnywhere screen is the ideal solution for pilots looking for an affordable way to always have current digital charts, approach plates, and weather on their kneeboard.”

The new Voyager EFB bundle, being so portable, is especially ideal for pilots who rent multiple or different aircraft, flying club members, and pilots with multiple aircraft. The added safety of always having terrain awareness and in-flight weather is incredibly valuable, even for pilots with STC approach certified, in-dash GPS’s.

The new Voyager Flight Software System 3.0 is the first and only integrated flight software system, comprised of individual software modules that work together to cover all aspects of flying: pre-flight planning, in-flight situational awareness, IFR procedure management, and more.  Pilots can choose the modules to fit their needs, which then integrate into one seamless application, custom-tailored for each individual. Increased functionality can always be added by downloading and integrating additional modules separately or in any combination as needs change. Choose from Voyager’s GlassView™ moving map, SmartPlan™ Premier flight planner, SmartPlan™ Express flight planner, SmartPlates™ approach plate manager, and XM Weather, live, in-cockpit, weather. Combining superior technology, ease of use, and affordability, this new product integrates all the tools pilots need, whether on the ground or in the sky.

Seattle Avionics Software has received Motion Computing’s approval and endorsement of both the company and the new Voyager Flight Software System line of tools as an official Motion Computing Silver-level ISV and authorized reseller of Motion Computing’s innovative tablet computers. A choice of monthly subscription options are available directly from XM Satellite Weather from between $29.99 and $49.99 per month.

For additional information about Seattle Avionics new Voyager Flight Software System version 3.0 or the Voyager EFB bundle, please contact Gabriel Scherzer, 425-806-0249, gabes@seattleavionics.com