All Voyager Flight Software System Tools Support XM-Satellite Weather Including SmartPlan PremierTM and Express, SmartPlatesTM, and the new GlassViewTM Moving Map.

Oshkosh, WI ? July 29th, 2005 - Seattle Avionics Software, the innovative aviation software company, today announced the addition of XM WX Satellite Weather® support to the entire new Voyager Flight Software System product line.  WxWorx weather will be available live over direct satellite broadcast in the cockpit on Voyager?s SmartPlan Premier and Express versions, GlassView Moving Map/EFBTM program, or SmartPlates, the intelligent instrument procedure management program with Part 91-compliant FAA (NACO) digital approach plates.

The company has also announced its Voyager Flight SystemTM EFB Solution which includes a choice of Voyager Flight Software System Tools pre-installed and tested on the Motion Computing Tablet of your choice, bundled together with an XM WX Weather Bluetooth Receiver and the HoluxTM Bluetooth GPS Receiver, the ultimate combination for affordable in-cockpit planning and enroute pilot needs.

The new Voyager Flight Software System includes all the tools you need in one integrated software program; pre-flight and enroute planning, moving map, satellite weather, charts and instrument plates.  The Voyager FSS runs on any PC, laptop or tablet computer.  ?Our implementation of XM WX Satellite Weather in Voyager is quite unique,? said Seattle Avionics Software?s President John Rutter.  ?If a user has an ?live? internet connection, then NexRad radar and satellite clouds will be overlaid on sectional and enroute charts from that source.  If an XM Satellite receiver is detected by Voyager, then the display on the charts looks the same, but with a click of the XM button the source changes seamlessly.  We are very excited to be announcing XM WX Satellite Weather support for our customers/pilots across our entire line of software products.  This matches Voyager?s superior flight planning and new GlassView Moving Map navigational capabilities with the leading turnkey weather system for aviation.  The addition of XM WX Weather helps us complete our vision of bringing a more technologically advanced and integrated software solution to pilots which is easier to use and more affordable.? 

A typical in-cockpit EFB configuration consists of a knee-board mounted Motion Computing LS800 or LE1600 tablet computer, a Holux Bluetooth® GPS, the WX Worx Bluetooth satellite receiver and a small moveable antenna.  A cigarette lighter adapter powers the WX Worx satellite receiver unit, the wireless GPS uses a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery.  The receiver is fully integrated with any of the Voyager Flight Software System Tools and delivers a continuous stream of weather data with NEXRAD, METARs and TAFs, winds aloft and echo tops.  The pilot can easily change from Seattle Avionics Software?s internet-based weather chart overlays to XM overlays with a simple click of the ?XM? button within any of the Voyager products.  The optional monthly weather service delivered by WxWorx is  $49.95.

For additional information about Seattle Avionics Software or the new Voyager Flight Software System, please contact Robert Hamilton, V.P. Marketing, 425-455-2209, .


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