Few technologies have the potential to revolutionize flight safety as much as portable ADS-B. Being able to see and avoid traffic and bad weather can make the difference between an enjoyable flight and a harrowing one. Yet ADS-B is confusing if you don't understand how it works. This video explains the uses and limitations of ADS-B as well as the specifics of how FlyQ EFB uses and displays ADS-B data.

In less than 15 minutes, learn about ADS-B and how FlyQ EFB uses it. 

  • ADS-B Out is required to fly in most populated areas. 

  • Two frequencies: 978 MHz provides weather and traffic; 1090 Mhz provides traffic only. 

  • Real-time Weather from ADS-B includes AIRMETs, Convective SIGMETs, SIGMETs, METARs, SPECIs, national and regional NEXRAD radar, NOTAMs, PIREPs, SUA status, TAFs, amended TAFs, and winds and temps aloft. Recently added layers include lightning, turbulence, icing, clouds tops, and graphical AIRMETs 

  • Traffic information can be dangerously misleading if you don't have ADS-B Out in your aircraft. 

  • FlyQ EFB supports more than 20 ADS-B systems including Stratux, Stratus 3, Dual, Clarity, SkyRadar, FreeFlight, L-3 Lynx, NavWorx, and iLevil. It also supports ADS-B data feeds from Dynon and Avidyne. 

  • Traffic targets are color-coded to indicate threat levels. 

  • Each traffic target has a line that shows where it's expected to be in 2 minutes. 

  • A filter can be toggled on or off to show all traffic or just nearby traffic. 

  • Optional target tail numbers.

  • Exclusive "Buddy List" that highlights the planes your friends fly. 

  • Exclusive pop-up with color-coded details about nearby targets. 

  • Traffic targets display their altitude relative to you in hundreds of feet. 


FlyQ EFB version 5.0 just released. See your plane in a whole new way with “Flight Profile View". Observe where your plane is versus obstacles and terrain, while looking at the specific weather that is along your route. 

Analyze weather in 4 dimensions (latitude, longitude, time and altitude). Use 16 Weather Layers (up from 7), Timeline, and Altitude Slider. New layers (from the Internet and ADS-B) include Lightening, Icing, Turbulence, Cloud Tops, Cloud Bases, Surface Winds, PIREPs, and Surface Analysis. Watch the webinar for more details.

 Purchase: IFR + VFR: $159.99, VFR: $79.99/year 
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