With FlyQ EFB you can easily run reports on your flights, play them back, and much more. Today we'll focus on FlyQ's amazing Visual Logbook and the powerful Floq Network that can connect you with your friends, colleagues, and CFI or students. 
Visual Logbook


The visual logbook records your flights, lets you play them back, run reports, and much more! 

  • The Flight Recorder automatically records your flights and adds entries to the Visual Logbook. You can also import a logbook from ForeFlight or MyFlightbook (using FlyQ Online) or evenmake manual entries. 

  • The logbook shows a visual record of your flight, but you can use a "List" view to hide the graphics. 

  • See the playback in 2D, 3D, or use spilt screen to see both 2D and 3D at the same time. 

  • Each log entry has an Analysis tab that shows insightful performance graphs. 

  • Add photos to any log entry with a few taps. 

  • Tap the Action button (box with an arrow) to delete a flight, email, print, or post to Facebook or Twitter. 

  • Use the Edit button to change any part of the logbook entry, rename the flight, or add a comment. 

  • Use the Search box to quickly find and filter the list by name, ident, takeoff or landing airports, aircraft type, and more. 

  • Click Reports to run detailed reports as PDF documents or rich graphic charts. 

  • The unique "heatmap" feature uses colored airport markers and colored balls to show where you've flown and the frequency of visits to each airport. 

  • Tap any airport marker in the Heatmap to see all the flights to and from that airport. 

  • Playback any flight on the map by tapping the Play button. Control playback speed and immediately jump to any position in the flight.

Visual Playback
Floq Network

Floq (pronounced "flock") is a private system that connects you with your friends, flying club, instructor or student, and corporate flight department. 
  • Floq is entirely optional. Select whichever privacy level you prefer (or keep your flights strictly private). 

  • By default, none of your flight details are shared with anyone unless you expressly allow that. The system will share your name, home airport, and total number of flights (without any details). Pilots will be able to look you up and ask permission to follow you. If you set your privacy level to Private, no information will be shared with anyone. 

  • Use the Friends button to connect with friends or colleagues. Search by their name, email, home airport, or use the Suggestions tab to find people who fly from your home airport or nearby. 

  • Even if you choose to share your flights with others, you can set any flight to be Private. 

  • Use the "heatmap" function to visually see where you and your friends are flying. 

  • You can use the Like/Comment functionality to interact with pilots’ flights or ask questions. 

  • CFI's can use Floq to follow their students' progress. 

  • CFI's can send Endorsements to students remotely - no need to use the student's iPad as long as both the CFI and the student are using FlyQ. A CFI not using FlyQ can also grant an endorsement to a student using FlyQ by using the student's iPad. 

  • Students can generate reports that show which endorsements they've received in a format suitable for printing and applying to a physical logbook. 

  • The reporting system helps CFI's by generating a report that show all the endorsements they've granted. 

Special CFI pricing: Just $19.99 for IFR + VFR. Special Student (Private Pilot) pricing: $19.99 for VFR.

Student Pilot Features

FlyQ EFB version 5.0 just released. See your plane in a whole new way with “Flight Profile View". Observe where your plane is versus obstacles and terrain, while looking at the specific weather that is along your route. 

Analyze weather in 4 dimensions (latitude, longitude, time and altitude). Use 16 Weather Layers (up from 7), Timeline, and Altitude Slider. New layers (from the Internet and ADS-B) include Lightening, Icing, Turbulence, Cloud Tops, Cloud Bases, Surface Winds, PIREPs, and Surface Analysis. Watch the webinar for more details.

 Purchase: IFR + VFR: $159.99, VFR: $79.99/year 
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