Learn how to take full advantage of the great IFR features of FlyQ EFB. 

Learn everything you need to know about using FlyQ EFB for IFR Flying in 4 minutes!  

  • Select procedures by tapping Procedures from any airport or use the Procedures tab at the bottom of the screen. 

  • Use your fingers to zoom in or zoom out. 

  • Swipe left or right to switch plates within an airport. 

  • Tap the small map icon on the Procedures tab to put the plate on the map. 

  • Use the Annotate feature to write or draw on any plate or diagram. See how annotations work.

  • Tap the airport ident at the top of the Procedures tab to see plates from another airport.  Enter an airport ident or name. 

  • When in split-screen mode, use the Full Screen button to temporarily see the plate using the full iPad screen. 

  • Tap the List button to see a list of all terminal procedures at the selected airport, plus all arrivals and departures, (especially handy for airports with a lot of procedures). 

  • Add all the SID or STAR waypoints into your flight plan with the click of one button. 

  • Use the Lock button to stop accidental actions. 


FlyQ EFB version 5.0 just released. See your plane in a whole new way with “Flight Profile View". Observe where your plane is versus obstacles and terrain, while looking at the specific weather that is along your route. 

Analyze weather in 4 dimensions (latitude, longitude, time and altitude). Use 16 Weather Layers (up from 7), Timeline, and Altitude Slider. New layers (from the Internet and ADS-B) include Lightening, Icing, Turbulence, Cloud Tops, Cloud Bases, Surface Winds, PIREPs, and Surface Analysis. Watch the webinar for more details.

 Purchase: IFR + VFR: $159.99, VFR: $79.99/year 
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