Easily discover, understand, and adapt to the weather with unique features that FlyQ EFB and FlyQ Online (desktop version) offer, including EFB’s unique 4D Weather modeling. 

FlyQ EFB keeps you safer as it makes the weather easier to interpret. FlyQ Online adds even more powerful weather planning. 

  • Begin your preflight at your PC or Mac using FlyQ Online. It has unique  time-based weather and even more weather layers than FlyQ EFB. 

  • Watch real-time Weather in the cockpit to avoid potential threats with 4D modeling and predictive NexRad radar. 

  • The Weather Gallery has hundreds of current and prognostic weather graphics from the U.S. and Canada. 

  • Use the Left and Right arrows to see weather graphics from adjacent altitudes or time periods. 

  • Use the Search tab to get a weather info by: City, common place names like Disneyland, zip codes, states/countries, even addresses. 

  • Wind arrows are based on your current altitude and what NOAA predicted for the current time. 

  • Use a split-screen and two maps to show weather from far away on one, and nearby aviation objects on the other. 

  • Use the Weather tab to check the weather around your current position.  Information updates dynamically as you fly to adapt to new locations and the new time. 

  • Tap to enlarge METARs, TAFs and radar graphics, or to see a 7-day forecast instead of the current temperature.  

  • Unique, patent-pending Wind Optimizer gives a quick graphical indication of the tailwind or headwind you'd expect if you change altitude. Green is a tailwind and red is a headwind. 

  • Weather comes from either the Internet or an ADS-B receiver such as the Stratux, Stratus, Clarity, Dual XGPS 170/190, iLevil,  others. 

  • Tap the Layers icon to overlay any of 16 weather layers. 

  • Use and view as many or as few weather layers as you like. There are no limitations. 

  • The METAR/TAF layer in  FlyQ EFB uses colored circles to depict conditions with the best data available: a METAR (if the METAR is less than an hour old) or a TAF (if looking further into the future).  Green is VFR, yellow is Marginal VFR, and red is IFR, LIFR, or VLIFR. 

  • Winds Aloft arrows point to the direction where the wind is going. Numbers plainly give the speed in knots, not counting barbs and using Roman numeral math. 


FlyQ EFB version 5.0 just released. See your plane in a whole new way with “Flight Profile View". Observe where your plane is versus obstacles and terrain, while looking at the specific weather that is along your route. 

Analyze weather in 4 dimensions (latitude, longitude, time and altitude). Use 16 Weather Layers (up from 7), Timeline, and Altitude Slider. New layers (from the Internet and ADS-B) include Lightening, Icing, Turbulence, Cloud Tops, Cloud Bases, Surface Winds, PIREPs, and Surface Analysis. Watch the webinar for more details.

 Purchase: IFR + VFR: $159.99, VFR: $79.99/year 
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