Let’s focus on getting you started. Learn how to use the map, get airport information, use split-screens and download data before you fly. 


In this short video, we'll cover the basics of using the map, getting airport information, using the split-screen feature, and activating 3D synthetic vision. 

  • Pan the map with your finger. Zoom in or out with a pinch. 

  • Rotate the map by twisting it with two fingers. 

  • Use the Compass button (Track Up / North Up) button to switch between orientations. 

  • Use the Layers button to switch between Sectionals and IFR charts or add weather layers. Close the Layers selection by swiping up or tapping the Layers button again. 

  • Finding airport info: Double-tap the map, enter idents or names in the Search box, use the Airports tab for nearest airports. 

  • Airports screen shows all the necessary information without any additional buttons or tabs: general airport info, satellite and runway views, comm frequencies, runway details, and navaids. 

  • Split screen button in the upper left corner toggles between single to split modes. Display two maps, map plus approach procedure, 2D and 3D map, etc. 

  • Activate 3D synthetic vision with the cube icon. This button also toggles to our exclusive Augmented Reality (AR) view.

The Basics
  • Click the Down Arrow button at the top of the screen to download data. 
  • Pan and zoom the map with your fingers. 

  • The current flight plan, if any, is shown by a magenta line. 

  • Tap a state to select it for download -- you can tap multiple. Tap again to deselect. 

  • Tap the 'Download Now' button to download all data for the selected states. 

  • Green is good and red is bad. Green states have all the current data downloaded to the device. 

  • Red states have data that is either expired or has never been downloaded. 

  • The first download can take some time due to high-resolution. 

  • Save time for subsequent downloads by incremental downloads; only the data that has changed gets downloaded. 

No need to leave the ChartData Manager window open, so start the update (blue Update Now in the upper right-hand corner), then touch the blue Done. Data continues to download in the background as long as the FlyQ app is still running. 

ChartData Manager

FlyQ EFB version 5.0 just released. See your plane in a whole new way with “Flight Profile View". Observe where your plane is versus obstacles and terrain, while looking at the specific weather that is along your route. 

Analyze weather in 4 dimensions (latitude, longitude, time and altitude). Use 16 Weather Layers (up from 7), Timeline, and Altitude Slider. New layers (from the Internet and ADS-B) include Lightening, Icing, Turbulence, Cloud Tops, Cloud Bases, Surface Winds, PIREPs, and Surface Analysis. Watch the webinar for more details.

 Purchase: IFR + VFR: $159.99, VFR: $79.99/year 
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