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NavWorx PADS-B ADS-B In/Out Transceiver
NavWord PADS-B

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Three words: Safety, Safety, Safety

See all the traffic with the only portable ADS-B In + Out System

All Traffic, All The Time.  Wirelessly Sent to FlyQ EFB on Your iPad.
The whole point of ADS-B is to see and avoid traffic yet the NavWorx PADS-B is the only portable system that reliably shows all traffic.

Is Your Family's Safety Worth About $120/year?
You can buy several other ADS-B systems for a little less than the PADS-B but none will show all the traffic all the time.  Take the Stratus 2S for example.  FlyQ EFB supports it and it's a good ADS-B In system for about $900 versus $1500 for the PADS-B.  But unless your plane has ADS-B Out, the Stratus simply cannot guarantee that it shows all the traffic near you.  The PADS-B, by contrast, shows all the traffic because it has ADS-B Out.  Therefore, even if you turn the ADS-B Out portion of the PADS-B off in 2020 (effectively making it an ADS-B In system like the Stratus), you've had nearly 5 years of flying with the safety of seeing all traffic for 5 years.  Those 5 years of safety cost you a net difference of about $600 or around $120 a year.

Traffic from the PADS-B (simulated) in FlyQ EFB Traffic from the Stratus 2S (simulated) in FlyQ EFB
PADS-B Traffic Stratus Traffic

All other portable ADS-B systems cannot reliably show traffic unless your plane is also equipped with an ADS-B Out transmitter.  Most of us don't have that yet.  All portable ADS-B In systems (such as every other portable ADS-B system out there) are great for weather but dangerously unreliable for traffic because FAA ground stations only transmit traffic if your plane has ADS-B Out.  If you don't have ADS-B Out, you may see some traffic but it's traffic near another plane -- one with ADS-B Out -- not yours.  This is dangerously misleading because it's entirely possible that there is additional traffic close to you but far from the ADS-B Out-equipped plane.  Such traffic is not sent in the ADS-B data because it's too far from the ADS-B Out-equipped plane to be a factor to it.  But it could be a factor to you!

Read the FlyQ EFB ADS-B Primer for more information

So how do you see all nearby traffic?  Pay $4,000 or more for an in-panel ADS-B system (including instalation) or buy a NavWorx PADS-B for $1,499. 

Dual channel receiver for extra safety when flying far from ADS-B towers
For general aviation, ADS-B uses a network of hundreds of ground-based towers that transmit and receive on 978 Mhz.  As it's gound based, you only get ADS-B traffic and weather when at least one tower is line-of-sight from you.  When you fly beyond that, the PADS-B keeps you safe by also listening to another ADS-B frequency broadcast by airliners and corporate jets.  This channel, 1090 Mhz, provides just traffic (no weather) and isn't as good for GA use as the primary 978 frequency but it's far better than having no traffic.  In this way, the PADS-B goes beyond most certified systems as they seldom receive 1090 even at 3x the price!

1090 vs. 978 Mhz

The PADS-B provides regional and continental NEXRAD radar imagery from the National Weather Service as well as NOTAMs, METARs, TAFs, PIREPs, winds aloft and other valuable in-flight weather services.  FIS-B also includes information on temporary flight restrictions (TFR) and special use airspaces (SUA).

But Does it Meet the January 1, 2020 FAA Mandate?
Until 1/1/2020, it's perfectly fine to use a non-certified ADS-B Out transmitter like the one in the PAD-B.  At the moment, the FAA won't allow certified aircraft to use a non-certified transmitter like this after 1/1/2020.  Oddly, experimental aircraft do not need to have certified ADS-B Out systems, just ones (like the PADS-B) that perform like certified systems but aren't actually certified.  One of two things will happen before 2020: 1) The FAA will modify its rule and allow both experimental and certified planes to use conforming but not certified ADS-B Out systems like the PADS-B or 2) You turn off the ADS-B Out portion of the PADS-B and continue to use it as an ADS-B In system.  The worst case is that you have to install a certified ADS-B Out-only system by 2020 and use the PADS-B as the receiver.  Certified ADS-B Out-only ststems are much less expensive than certified ADS-B In/Out systems so you still save money.

Price Includes the Patented, TSO'd TransMonSPE Transponder Monitor
ADS-B Out systems must transmit your tail number plus data from your transponder such as the squawk code and pressure altitude.  Using the TSO'd  (and patent-pending) NavWorx TransMonSPE, the PADS-B gets this data from your transponder in real-time with a quick and simple one-time installation.  No wire cutting or complex installation is necessary because the TransMonSPE is simply placed on the transponder cable and uses induction (no wire cutting) to read the data and send it to the PADS-B.  Genius!  Download Installation Guide

Highly Accurate GPS
The PADS-B includes the same high-accuracy WAAS GPS receiver used in the certified NavWorx ADS-600 B transceiver.  Technically, when used in the PADS-B the GPS is not certfied, however.

Wireless Wi-Fi Connectivity
The PADS-B can wirelessly send data to multiple iPads simultaneously because it uses Wi-Fi.

Plugs Into Your Cigarette Adapter So No Battery Worries
Never worry about losing battery power as the PADS-B is reliably powered from your aircraft's cigarette or utility adapter.   Input voltage is 11-36 volts so works with nearly every plane.

Download User Guide

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